For six years now CCHA and Elevating Success UK have worked together to give young people a summer to remember.




CCHA worked in conjunction with Elevating Success to once again provide a Summer of activities. The Schools out holiday programme ran over a course of 4 weeks, proving to be the longest run to date. With a combined attendance of 72 young people from Croydon and surrounding areas being involved, the ages ranged from 7 to 15 years. Together we hosted active events such as laser quest and Olympic Park trips and more educational trips such as visits to the Natural History Museum and Kew Gardens.


A stand out event for many was the trip to Frylands Wood. This event gave the children the chance to experience fun in physical exercise. One child was asked what stood out the most about that day, of which they replied; “Getting to shoot a bow and arrow, the instructor said it was exercise but it didn’t feel like it. We wanted to show the children that exercise could also be fun. One parent said; My son now realises there are ways to keep fit that aren’t traditional exercise and he’s looking forward to being more active.

The Schools out programme goal was also to provide more than just fun summer activities by attempting to contribute to their development and character building. Whether or not that goal was achieved was confirmed when one child said; Everything is much more fun if you’re motivated, and this club always motivates me. “Another even overcame their fears during one of our trips to Brighton Beach saying; “I got to face my fear of heights by going on a rollercoaster in Brighton.

The programmes were conducted by three youth workers and four young volunteers, 3 of which were CCHA residents. The events supported by these volunteers helped the children develop their communication skills and create true bonds and friendships with others. This was partly due to the decision from the Elevating Success staff to allocate a set number of children they would be responsible for on each trip. This created a one on one experience to best reduce levels of isolation that may have occurred. When one child was asked what they learned from the experience, they said; Friendship is key to having fun and I can make new friends.

With funding and support from CCHA; youth workers and volunteers we hope to continue to prove these types of programmes with CCHA for years to come. The programme helped to get children socializing with others, which will in turn help build esteem and confidence for the future. One parent said; My child was new to the area and didn’t know anybody. He made plenty of new friends on the programme and is now very happy living here.


Please call us if you are interested in us running a summer programme for you – 020 7993 8411