Name : Victor Abiodun -July 2015

Fast-paced, insightful and morally rewarding: These three words come to mind when reflecting upon my fortnight at Elevating Success UK. In the weeks leading up to my placement, many negative thoughts flooded my mind. “I’m going to be bored for two weeks”. “I’m just going to be making tea for everyone and probably become best buddies with the photocopier!” However, by the time I went for lunch on the first day all my worries were dispelled.

Victor AbiodunMy role at Elevating Success UK was to gather nominations for the Awards Ceremony taking place at the upcoming Momentum 2015 youth conference. In this position, I contacted schools and sent numerous emails to multiple destinations then collated the responses by entering the details into an Excel spreadsheet.

These responsibilities enabled me to solidify my confidence on the phone. I also improved my aptitude for the MS office application called MO Accountant. I used this programme for the first time to create and send invoices to several sponsors. I also took part in bringing the Momentum 2015 iOS and Android app to life by producing, editing and finessing a small number of videos to be used in the app and on the website. In addition to this I was part of multiple conference calls with the app developers in India! I also accompanied Andrew to meetings with other charities to discuss partnership working.

In conclusion, I can definitely say that I have learnt a lot from my time at Elevating Success UK, from dealing with difficult phone calls to writing coherent and purposeful emails, to applying for charitable funding and organising large events. To sum it all up “Elevating Success UK has undeniably ‘elevated’ my success and I want to thank Andrew Brown and the Elevating Success UK team for providing an environment in which patience and perseverance are key values.