Name: Treynae Campbell – March 2015

During the two weeks I spent with Elevating Success UK in March 2015, I attended meetings with important and well known people. This included a meeting with the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Probation. This meeting was a fantastic experience for me quite apart from the fact I got a great view of The Shard! I also attended a meeting with several entrepreneurs, all trying to win up to £15,000. Other activities included office-based work where

Treynae Campbell

Treynae Campbell

I created databases using Microsoft Excel, uploaded content to social networking sites and played an important role in filing learning resources. Doing this improved my self-discipline. I also got to take part in an employability skills course called High-5 and a driving theory programme called On The Road. Taking part in the courses allowed me to socialise with different types of people. This enhanced my communication skills, which will help me in both short term and long term.

What I will take away?

After these two weeks of working with Elevating Success UK, I have a number of things to take away from the experience: I have completed a first aid course which could give me an advantage over other people when applying for a job and will give me the skills to help someone who has been injured. My Excel skills have improved too, which will be useful, but the number one lesson I have learnt is that discipline is key for business success. Without discipline, your business will struggle to progress.