Name: Renee Robinson- October 2011

Renee first became involved with Elevating Success UK after having been out of work for two years. She had moved into a Lewisham Homes property and was fortunate enough to be one of the tenants offered a place on an employability skills programme run by Elevating Success UK.

renneDespite completing many applications she had been unsuccessful in securing a single interview.

When Renee first met Andrew and the team at Elevating Success UK, her confidence was at an all-time low. Despite having experience in the finance sector and a fashion degree, Renee had been searching for work with little success for some time.

During the six-week, High-5 programme targeted at 16-25 year olds, she was able to access professionals who assessed her CV, provided constructive feedback from the mock interviews she undertook on the programme and received one-to-one support in completing difficult application forms.

Upon completion of the training Renee was offered an eight-week placement as an administrator with Elevating Success UK.

Renee describes what it was like to become ‘part of the Elevating Success UK family’:

“They give you what you need: They did everything they could and more to help rebuild my confidence and improve my prospects. They genuinely care – they won’t just forget about you at the end of the programme. They still stay in touch”

During this time she attended client meetings and it was on such an occasion that she met a representative from the Breyer Group – a partner of one of our clients.

In October 2011 Renee was offered a full time, temporary contract with Breyer Group working as a Resident Liaison Officer. She remains in that post at present.

Since working with Elevating Success UK, Renee has gone on to gain full-time employment working in housing as a Resident Liaison Officer. Renee is now thriving and loving her new career path in Customer Service. She doesn’t believe that she could have done it alone and credits Elevating Success with making the difference that helped her get back into work.