Name :Nancy Kluge- January 2014.


Nancy’s duties were diverse and included typical administrative duties such as typing documents, taking minutes, updating existing documents using PowerPoint and Word, as well as printing course materials in preparation for tutors. She had the opportunity to use her research skills to good effect and created a number of mini databases for a variety of uses, these included researching secondary schools in five boroughs for the purpose of inviting school teachers to nominate students for an award; creating a database of local radio stations to be targeted with a request to publicise details of auditions for a major event, as well as researching sandwich suppliers to cater for an event hosting 1,000 guests. In addition, Nancy was exposed to a range of non-admin roles which included conducting outreach work on the streets of London by either leafleting households or targeting young people with flyers. She also played an equal role in the development of course materials and the delivery of an IT course targeted at senior citizens (60+) that taught them how to perform basic word processing, set up and use email, as well as navigate the internet. Finally, she worked on one of Elevating Success UK’s many holiday programmes in the capacity of a youth worker where she was responsible for ensuring the safety of 8 – 16 year olds while facilitating a range of recreational

Nancy Kluge

activities including cooking workshops, arts & crafts and playing games.


Nancy’s best attributes have been her ability to turn her hand to any task offered to her and to do so with unending enthusiasm. She is both competent and flexible, which is a desirable quality in a work colleague, and for this reason she has become a valued member of the team.

Areas for Development

If the placement was to progress beyond the eight weeks allotted, we would provide increased opportunities for Nancy to both make and receive inbound office calls as this would complete her development. Nevertheless, we would have no hesitation in offering her a permanent position with our organisation if she was to apply and are pleased to say that we consider her to have been the best intern we have had to date – and they have been exceptional so far!