Name : Max Steigerwald- July 2013 – August 2013


His duties included ad-hoc office administration such as organising new folders for upcoming training programmes, filing away materials and producing labels for draws/ folders etcetera. However, it was quickly established that Max’s strength lay in his adept use of IT applications and the internet, which resulted in his being allocated tasks such as the production, enhancement or researching of teaching resources. For instance, Max worked on an existing training programme called On The Road and improved the current PowerPoint by adding additional information – and most importantly graphics – which significantly enhanced the overall appearance of the training materials. He also converted the existing paper resources for our Business Enterprise course into a PowerPoint. However, Max’s biggest contribution to the organisation has been the creation of an Access Database for the purpose of mapping the progression of our course graduates. This will have a significant impact on the organisation going forward as we gather, store and have easy access to the positive outcomes of our graduates over time, which will strengthen our bid writing and funding applications.

AttributesMax Steigerwald_Aug 2013

Max had a can-do attitude, was impeccably dressed and was enthusiastic in his approach to tasks. Most notably he had excellent time-keeping and was not late on single occasion throughout the 6 weeks despite travelling more than a 30-minute bus journey to the office.


Over time, Max’s social interactions with colleagues became more enriched and extended to his interacting with employees from other organisations within the business centre.

Areas for development

At times communication proved challenging as Max struggled to understand the task he had been set. At these times a more forthright attitude in telling the member of staff immediately that they had not been understood would have been good. In addition, if Max was with us for longer we would have wanted to stretch him by getting him to complete more writing tasks. As it was, information was emailed to colleagues without text in the body of the email. However, staff were grateful to receive the high-standard of work that he produced and as a result this was not queried. Nevertheless, to ensure that Max gets maximum benefit from a future placement he should be charged with writing more. Last, one would just suggest that when working in the office environment that he becomes accustomed to taking a note of tasks using a pen and paper to ensure that he has captured all the instructions at the outset.

In summation, Max was an impressive candidate and we would have no hesitation in both recommending him and hiring him in the future. In fact, his presence at Elevating Success UK has made us reconsider the level of IT skills we will require from future British interns with the bar being raised that bit higher!