Callum ThomsonCallum Thompson, Secondary School student,

Two weeks Work Experience

July 2015

Before starting my work experience I had a perception that everyone was going to be strict and bossy and I would be that guy in the office serving staff cups of tea.

However, when I got there it was a completely different experience; everyone was welcoming, friendly and easy to get on with. That was a big relief. I had no fear of asking anyone what to do or where to go.

I completed administrative tasks using PowerPoint and Excel; I also input data such as the names of participants in the summer holiday programmes.

The best part of working at Elevating Success UK for me was working in a different environment with a friendly team of people that saw me as an employee. I have learned that work is a completely different routine from school. School is structured with teacher’s instructions to be followed, which I find very limiting. At work, you ask what to do and then get on with it until the task is finished. No one threatens you with detention!

The best thing I took away from the experience was the encouragement to work to my full potential by pushing myself to do my best and the knowledge that I can communicate effectively with people I’ve never spoken to before.