Name : Benjamin Kaltofen – January 2015 – Feb 2015


Having reviewed Elevating Success UK’s website prior to the start of my six-week internship in February 2015 I still had no idea of what the business did – bar the fact it was a charity that helped people to develop their skills ‘and maximise their full potential’. I wondered how relevant the experience would be for me as an international intern coming from Saxony in Germany.

THE REALITY I was very surprisebenkd to find a warm and friendly atmosphere and how fast I was integrated into the team. I worked with wonderful and various people.

Initially, it was very hard for me to understand and speak English because there were big differences between my school-English and the English spoken here. However, I was assigned a variety of tasks. I helped with the organisation of the Pathway to Work in Construction Programme, which enables people to work in the construction industry, many of whom now have a better chance of getting a job after the course. However, I was mainly responsible for managing the social media content for the Lewisham Youth Conference (LYC). I won’t have the chance to see the outcome of that hard work as my internship has ended before the event starts, but I am very proud that I could help organise it.


In this short time I’ve learned a lot, from how social media can be used to get new sponsors and people interested via Twitter or Facebook. I’ve been able to refresh skills I have – such as my design skills – but hadn’t used for years as I modified some promotional event flyers. And I’ve learnt how much effort goes into organising an event like LYC. Most importantly, I’ve learnt how important such projects are to help the community. They show young people a way to grab their future and prevent them getting side-tracked into negative activities in a big city like London.


Those were the highs, but there were times when the work was really chaotic because somebody gave you a task and then somebody else came and gave you another three! But now the six weeks are up I am so proud to have played a part in this organisation and the work has given me so much motivation and power to face my future. All I can say is that this experience has helped me to develop myself and recognise my full potential.