Name:  Alexandra Hambleton – October 2015

Alex first became involved with Elevating Success UK when as a young teenager she moved into a new area and started a new school. She heard about a youth club run by Elevating Success UK that new friends went to, and went along hoping to meet new people.

Through the activities of the youth club Alex got the opportunity to take part in arts and crafts as well offsite outings to the theatre, paintballing and bowling.

Alex explains why she loved going as a teen:

“Youth Cafe gave me the opportunity to do things I’d never have got to do otherwise; try new activities, meet people and have fun. It builds confidence- you realise you can achieve things!”

Gradually, Alex extended her participation in Elevating Success UK’s youth activities and was able to complete an Arts Award using her volunteering experience on the Dance & Drama Engagement Programme. Latterly she went on to volunteer on a number of holiday programmes balancing her role as a Team Leader with working full time at McDonald’s.

Alexandra Hambelton

Alex has since used her experience working with young people at Elevating Success UK to help her achieve her ambition of working with children. She has successfully applied to become a Teaching Assistant working with children with behavioural problems and credits her youth work experience as a big reason for wanting to work with young people. The experience that she gained with Elevating Success UK was key to her new career path.