Andrew Brown

Andrew was born and raised in Brixton growing up with a mother and older brother who taught him the value of working for a living and resisting the temptation of the streets. His first job as a paper boy was tough but taught him principles and set a strong foundation for later business life. At 15 he started working as a crew member in McDonalds in Peckham and developed the art of customer service, teamwork and money management. He knew he wanted to work in IT and later worked as an IT coordinator with global auditors KPMG.

He also gained experience as a mentor with young people, managed junior league football teams, taught in Sunday School classes, as well as mentored individuals. He felt compelled to invest himself full-time in mentoring and personal development training. Making sacrifices he left KPMG in May 2006 and began working at Motivation and Personal Success Ltd (MaPS) a local charity in Croydon.

When this organisation closed, Andrew chose to set up Elevating Success UK using all the skills and business experience he had gained over the past 15 years. Elevating Success UK was born on the 23rd November continues to go from strength to strength.

Andrew’s recent successes include his acceptance onto the 2013 Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme. Designed to support the growth of small successful businesses into medium organisations the one-year programme should bear fruits from 2016 onwards. Andrew is also pleased that over the past nine years Elevating Success has secured over £1 million pounds of funding that has been directed towards disadvantage communities

Patricia Stevenson

Patricia joined Elevating Success UK in November 2007, having previously worked in media as a journalist then public relations consultant. These skills came in particularly handy when publicising the work of the fledgling company, writing bids and proposals, as well as pitching for business with her creativity extending to the development of new training programmes.

 Nine years later she’s proud to have contributed to the establishment of a credible training organisation. While these early activities still remain a priority the focus is upon sustainability and establishing best practice while drawing upon her training in the areas of occupational and organisational psychology in order to benefit individuals both in and outside of the organisation.

Ben Joyce

Ben is the senior administrator for Elevating Success UK having started in July 2010. In that time he has progressed from undertaking routine administrative duties to writing bids and reports. Nowadays a portion of his time is dedicated to managing the accounts, while making sure that all of our programmes are properly set-up so that we can track the paperwork that allows us to evidence the work we do.

While he’s mostly behind the scenes the variety of work undertaken at Elevating Success UK has given him the opportunity to play a leading role at our Homework Clubs too. “I am extremely proud to be a part of the Elevating Success UK family and particularly enjoy seeing how our work positively affects each and every one of our clients,” says Ben.

Tia Brown

Tia has been working at Elevating Success UK since she was 13-years-old, when she began volunteering during the Summer Holiday Programmes. She is now a part-time Youth Worker and acts as Lead on the Grove Park Holiday Programme that runs in the February, Easter, May, Summer, October and Christmas breaks from school.

At the same time, she studied Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth. As of June 2016, Tia has completed her university course and has gained her degree, achieving a first.

“I have enjoyed working with Elevating Success UK and some particular highlights include working with Mayor Boris Johnson and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.”

Julie Style

Julie joined the Elevating Success UK team in March 2016 after completing our first Pathway to Work in Catering & Hospitality Programme and gaining a Level 2 qualification in Food Safety in Catering. Eager to become involved in the organisation’s work, she supported the next cohort of learners to secure employment and at the same time refreshed and enhanced her administration skills, as well as gaining current on-the-job experience. After a three-month voluntary placement, Julie had impressed management enough to be offered paid employment and as of 1st of June commenced her primary role as a Work Placement Officer with additional duties, including the overseeing of our social media accounts.


“I am so grateful to be part of Elevating Success UK team. I feel blessed to have been offered a position within the company and am excited about my future with Elevating Success UK.”

Angela Boakye

Angela joined the Elevating Success UK team in February 2016 as a Support Worker. Currently studying for a degree in Community Development and Leadership, Angela has progressed during her time with the team and now provides mentoring to our clientele, outreach work in the community and advertising for our many courses.

Being a member of the Elevating Success UK team has given Angela the opportunity to assist on courses such as our Pathway to Work in Construction programme, as well as co-facilitate events like the Girls’ Night In project.

I am very privileged to be a part of the Elevating Success UK team. They have taught me a lot in the short time I have been here. I feel I am part of a family and look forward to further developing my skills in the future.”

John Gomez

John joined the Elevating Success UK team in January 2014 as an Accounts Assistant. Currently studying for an Association of Accounting Technician (AAT) Level 4 Diploma in Accounting, John has being greatly valuable since he joined the team, helping with the monthly bank reconciliation and cashbook update for all the activities of the company.

Being a member of the Elevating Success UK has given John the experience he required for his next career opportunity. A person who enjoys learning new things, he is determined to be an Accountant and has gained invaluable skills while with Elevating Success UK.

“I feel honoured to be a part of the Evelating Success UK team. They have taught me a lot during the time I have been here. I was able to polish my Excel skills with the help of the Senior Administrator, which will be very useful in my future career. I feel I am a part of this family and look forward to consolidating my knowledge and skills for the future.”

Millicent Thompson

Millicent, a retiree with over 20 years experience in the UK Immigration Office, joined the Elevating Success UK team in February 2016 as a volunteer support worker.

Committed to sharing her skills and knowledge, she is passionate about supporting the charity sector and young people in particular. With three successful, grown up sons to her credit, she’s keen to nurture developing talent. She works across a range of programmes assisting in job search, producing revision resources, escorting candidates to interviews and taking part in community outreach activities.